Who am I?

I am Caleb Jay Rogers, I like to write and ride and cook and eat. I went to school in Houston, ran a non-profit in Taiwan, and am now studying at Makersquare in San Francisco.

Why do I write this blog?

1. To improve my writing
2. To learn
3. To teach

1. The only way to improve a skill is to practice it. This blog allows me to do that, both in content and in reader feedback.

2. I learn from the emails and comments I get, and from the research I do for articles. In life, I find I view experiences differently when I know I will write about them later. Maintaining this blog ensures I don't waste my time on petty things.

3. I want to pass on what I have learned to save others the time and trouble. The "How-To" tab is specifically for things in this genre.

What's on this blog?

How To - Articles on how to improve your own life, following a model I tested and proved.

Travel - Journal-type travel entries. These could possibly guide your own trips, but they are not as "how-to" focused as my other articles.

Reviews - My thoughts on books, movies, and other things.

Self - Sometimes incoherent ramblings, thoughts on how my life is coming, and other personal content. These will be much less professional than other articles, and may just be trains of thought.

Why should you care?

My goal is to entertain and educate in my writing, so you should at the very least be able to learn something from my own trials in life, and perhaps at times even be entertained.

Other Blogs:

Taiwan Hikes - I track the outdoor activities I do in Taiwan to help other people find things to do here.

Taipei Tips - A how-to guide for living in Taipei.

Komali Stories - A fiction blog.

Calebjay.com - Self-hosted self-promotion site. Slowly will build out with more and more funky javascript apps.

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